After many years of soul-searching, I’ve decided to add to my medical and psychological background spiritual dimension, and combine my education and experience with my passion to Astrology. As long as I remember, I’ve been learning about different human archetypes/Sun signs. When I discovered my astrological birth chart, I got the biggest insight of my life. I remember me saying: “Why did I waist so many years trying to find The Answers trough religion and psychological theories when all answers are in my chart!!!” I wish you can experience the same revelation and discover The Truth.

I see Astrology as the most comprehensive psychological theory which describes the whole person from physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels, as well as how this person interacts with the world. My interpretation of astrological chart is psychological. I don’t provide any predictions. I don’t know your future. I believe that you are the creator of your life within the gifts and limits that The Creator gave you.