Astrological consultations are based on the principals of modern astrology.  You will get information from your chart/horoscope about the areas you are interested in. This knowledge can improve your well-being, relationships, parenting skills…

Astrological counselling is the combination of astrological and psychological approaches and is based on the principals of psychological astrology.  Your birth chart/horoscope is analyzed from the deeper perspective. The main goal of astrocounselling is to help you become conscious and integrated person. During  sessions, different counselling approaches are used to facilitate your growth. You are in charge of your process and can book subsequent sessions when you are ready. No long-term commitment is required. Please  note, that astrocounselling is the form of developmental and spiritual counselling, not a treatment method. If you are suffering from mental health disorder you need to access psychotherapy.

Service is provided in English, Polish, Russian, Ukrainian.

Meetings are held at your home, any location of your choice in Victoria BC, over the phone or Skype.

The date, time and place of birth are required.

Individuals, couples, parents, families, and groups are invited.

Price: 30 min. – $50; 60 min. – $100 (+GST)

Payments are accepted through Visa, Mastercard, American Express and PayPal.